Last Heartbreak releases today (or Melanie gets her author wings)

Well, it’s done! LAST HEARTBREAK is officially released. So this is the start of a double celebration: the release of the book itself and yours truly’s author debut. As of today, I break out of my sometimes solitary writer’s cocoon and don on the wings of an author. Pft! Yes, me! Can you believe that? Scary thought, isn’t it?

Aaaaanyways, I’ve been writing for 2 years now, working on various projects that have yet to see the light of day, so to see my words actually published, to have people read my thoughts, is very exciting, scary and surreal all at once. I’m so glad I get to share this experience with H.M. Ward, one of the most talented, hard-working authors I know. Through this entire experience, she’s been more than a co-author. She’s been a mentor and a teacher. A debut author couldn’t ask for a better way to start her career! Holly, if you read this, thank you! You rock, dude!

So without further ado, I give you, LAST HEARTBREAK:

When a hot guy with blazing blue eyes and a sexy smirk saves my ass and covers up my sins, I know I’m screwed. He’s poor, and is probably morally deprived like every other ass I’ve attracted recently.

I admit it. I’m a moron magnet. If the guy’s a dick, then he sweeps me off my feet and promptly stabs me in the back. Billionaires are all the same. I’ve fallen for loser after loser, which earned me the classy reputation of being easy. I’m easy on the eyes, easy to bed.

But no one knows the truth, no one knows the events that forced me into the ledge of that elite NYC hotel–no one except that strapped, hot waiter.

Now I have to figure out if he’s an ally or an enemy. I need a friend, a real one, and not some jerk who’s after my money or my name. But If I make the wrong choice, it’ll destroy me.

The ledge high above the city was only the beginning. No one can help me now. I’m on my own.

Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Type: Stand Along Novel, No cliffhanger, 298 pgs

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Happy Reading!



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