Naming your baby or MY WIP FINALLY HAS A TITLE!

So many times you hear authors say that their literary works are “their babies” and in many ways it feels like it. You “conceive” the idea in your head, you watch it grow, cringe with every growing pain, it develops it’s own personality, fights with you as you try to steer it in one direction while it defiantly tries to go another (until you concede and let it do whatever the hell it wants), you send it off to “school”, in the hands of beta readers, editors and formatters and then you send it off into the big, crazy world, outside of your protective bubble (I have yet to experience that dreaded moment, but it’ll come soon enough).

Another all-important step in the whole bringing a baby (book or human) into this world, is the whole naming process. Just as a parent will take extra care in choosing a name for their child, an author wants the title for their book to be perfect. It has to evoke the right tone, sum up in a few words (sometimes only one) important elements of the story, pique the potential reader’s curiosity, and you don’t want it to be the same as a gazillion other books out there (it’s kinda cool when you are the only one with your name in class, instead of having 7 other girls that share your first name).

Although the naming process may come easy to some, for me, it has been a HUGE struggle for my current work in progress (which I’ve been working on, on a part time basis, for the past 2 years). As a joke, it had started out as “Beauty and the Bitch” (when you read it, you’ll understand why) and then it simply became “Sam and Matt’s story” when I discussed it with friends. I had to switch it to “Matt and Sam’s story” because, really it’s not a S&M story at all! 😉

I was avoiding the whole book naming process because I was so scared to give it a dumbass title that people were going to look at and think “WTF?” or worse, YAWN! So, long story short, it took me forever to get comfortable with one title that embodied everything that I wanted and, EUREKA, I think I’ve got it.

So I give you, my TITLE REVEAL for Matt and Sam’s story (which I’m hoping to publish by this summer)… formerly known as “Beauty and the Bitch” (that was never its real title, just a joke in order to name my saved document SOMETHING)…

(drum roll)

Catching Flutterby

Tah-dah! Ain’t it purdy? Now that I have an official title, I’ll be able to move forward with the next big hurdle, which is creating a cover (or the adolescent phase, where said child is desperately searching for his/her “look”). I have a few ideas that I want to try out. Hopefully, my “kid” won’t put up too much of a fuss. I’ll blog again once I have a cover reveal.



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